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Do you need help in your classes? Would you like to improve your writing skills, have an essay reviewed, or get help in biology, chemistry, physics, Spanish, accounting, or statistics? Through Smarthinking Tutoring, TCL students have access to online tutors and tutoring resources. The service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


There are four main ways to connect with a Smarthinking tutor online:

  • Connect with an e-structor now allows the student to meet with a tutor online, post a question, and have a conversation back and forth. The wait is usually about 2.5 minutes to connect with an online tutor this way.
  • Schedule a personal session allows the student to set up a half hour block of time to meet with a Smarthinking tutor. It is similar to “connect with an e-structor now” but is pre-arranged.
  • Submit your writing allows students to submit a writing sample to a tutor and receive feedback on that sample, usually within 24 hours.
  • Submit a question allows students to submit a question and receive a comprehensive response, usually within 24 hours.


Note: Each TCL student is given 2 hours of access to Smarthinking per year (through June 30, 2012). Students can purchase more on their own through Smarthinking. Please view the LRC’s Smarthinking Tutoring LibGuide for information on accessing Smarthinking, and which subjects are available in each resource.

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