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The College uses the American College Testing (ACT) assessment program to help students reach their educational goals.  Assessment instruments include ASSET (Assessing Student Success Entry and Transfer) and COMPASS (Computer Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System). ASSET/COMPASS includes comprehensive assessment, orientation, course placement, counseling, and advisement to help ensure the student’s academic success.


Program components

  • Personalized, career based admission interview – includes the completion of an educational planning form and identification of student needs and goals
  • Assessment testing
  • Advanced math testing, if required
  • Orientation to College
  • ASSET/COMPASS test score interpretation
  • Career advisement based on assessment and other information
  • Registration following individualized sessions with faculty advisors


Student Assessment Requirements

  • Applicants at TCL are assessed on basic academic skills or qualify based on an exemption to determine course placement criteria.
  • Picture identification is required for assessment.
  • Exemptions are granted for students who:
    • Have earned a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree from an approved college or university.
    • Have enrolled as a career development applicant not pursing a degree, diploma or certificate and who meets the prerequisites of the courses in which they plan to enroll.
  • Accommodations will be made for assessing students with documented disabilities.
  • Applicants may retake the assessment battery after a waiting period (period of learning) of three work days.  Should express registration occur before the three work days, applicants are permitted to retest the first work day following the original test.  Students have a maximum of three attempts in a twelve month period.  An administrative fee will be charged for each reassessment.  A combination of test batteries will be utilized to maintain the integrity of the assessment process.  Should the student elect to retest on Compass when the original test was Compass, the retest policy for Compass requires a waiting period of three months.
  • Students currently enrolled in developmental courses may not retest.
  • ASSET/COMPASS scores are valid for a period of three years from the date of administration.  ASSET/COMPASS scores may be transferred from an approved institution if they are no more than three (3) years old.
  • The most recent scores are considered to be the official scores.

An applicant appealing an ASSET test score may request the ASSET test be hand scored by the test administrator or the Student Services Career Counselor within five days of the test session.


Placement in Courses

An applicant’s academic achievement level or prior course work may result in the following course placement options:

  • Placement in appropriate courses numbered 100 or higher
  • Placement in appropriate zero level courses (Developmental Studies)
  • Referral to an external agency or the Division of Continuing Education for assistance