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Placement Tests FAQ

1. Who do I contact if I want to take the test?
The Testing Center staff at 843-525-8344 or helpdesk@tcl.edu.


2. How much is the test?
There is no fee for the initial test or any retests.


3. How many times can I take the test?
Applicants may retake the assessment battery after a waiting period (period of learning) of three work days.  Should express registration occur before the three work days, applicants are permitted to retest the first work day following the original test.  Students have a maximum of three attempts in a twelve month period.  A combination of test batteries will be utilized to maintain the integrity of the assessment process.  Should the student elect to retest on Compass when the original test was Compass, the retest policy for Compass requires a waiting period of three months.  Also, you may not be retested if you have already enrolled in classes and students who are currently enrolled in developmental courses may not retest.


4. What should I take with me to the Testing Center?
For the initial test and any retests, take your photo identification.


5. How long is the test?

The ASSET test takes 100 minutes to complete.  The COMPASS test is not timed but students generally complete the test in two to three hours. Allow additional check-in and check-out time for each test.


6. What happens after I complete the test?
After your scores are entered into the system, a counselor will discuss your scores with you and assign an advisor to you.  You must schedule an appointment with your advisor.


7. Can I take a practice test?
Yes, click on the following links:
ASSET Practice Tests
COMPASS Practice Tests