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Student Leadership

There are many different chances to gain leadership experience here at TCL, here are two that are sponsored by the Campus Activities Office:


 Student Government Association

     The Student Government Association (SGA) of Technical College of the Lowcountry is the name of the student government body at TLC. The SGA encompasses all students currently enrolled at TCL. Anyone taking at least one class at TLC is an SGA member. The SGA provides a variety of programs and activities for students. In addition, the SGA makes recommendations and contributes opinions and information to the college, the system, and TCL Commission regarding student concerns. The SGA provides support to the student organizations on campus. The SGA officers are elected every year or appointed by the current SGA to fill vacancies.


Presidential Ambassadors

Students are eligible of becoming a Presidential Ambassador as a result of their dedication to scholarly success. Membership eligibility is based on the number of hours you have completed and your GPA; therefore, membership is a special honor afforded only to a select group of scholars. Presidential Ambassadors must simply maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.75 to remain members. As an ambassador, your academic excellence will be recognized and you will have the opportunity to represent TCL at special functions. You will also have opportunities to speak to future students and other groups about your experiences at TCL.


If you have questions about how you can get involved with either of these organizations, please contact the Campus Life Manager, Ashley Faubion, at afaubion@tcl.edu .