PROCUREMENT PROCESS. If you’re interested in doing business with TCL, take a look at the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code.

Need the perfect space for an event? TCL may be an option. If your organization or group has an interest in renting TCL facilities for a  meeting or event, check out the details to see if we’re an option.

Looking for non-credit, continuing ed classes? Whether it’s for the office or for your personal interest, we have a wide variety of classes that offer you a classroom and the opportunity to learn more.

BUSINESS & INDUSTRY WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS. We bring solutions for your company. Customized, current applications designed for your success in the areas you want. Find out more now.

TCL is governed by the Technical College of the Lowcountry Area Commission. Meet Them.

REQUEST A GUEST SPEAKER. Our faculty and administrators are available to speak to community groups around the Lowcountry. Check availability.

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