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There are many opportunities to participate in charitable causes.  I was asked to lend support to one – diabetes awareness and prevention through the American Diabetes Association.


How many of you know someone with diabetes?  I’m sure everyone who reads this blog knows someone who experiences some type of diabetes.


Diabetes is simply your body’s inability to store energy (glucose).  Consider these points:

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness, kidney failure, and non-traumatic lower extremity amputation among adults.
  • 18 million American children and adults have been diagnosed with diabetes.
  • 7 million are undiagnosed
  • An estimated 79 million Americans have a condition referred to as pre-diabetes.
  • If the current trend continues in the next three decades, 1 in 3 Americans will develop diabetes sometime in their lifetime.
  • Those with diabetes will lose, on average, 10 – 15 years of their life.

Here’s the good news:


90% who are at risk can turn this around.


With exercise and a healthy diet, diabetes can be prevented.


Education and awareness are important.  That’s our goal.  Come see us this Thursday, April 21 on the Beaufort Campus and get your STOP DIABETES wristband for a small donation to a good cause.  There are causes worthy of our time and sacrifice in the name of community service.


We can indeed STOP DIABETES.


To get more information or make an online donation, go to

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