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Customized Corporate Training

The Technical College of the Lowcountry can provide area employers customized training programs to fit the individual needs of their employees.  Employee training is most effective when it is personalized to benefit your company’s goals.  By partnering with TCL to design a training program for your business, we can give your employees skills that lead to greater return on investment.

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Customized Corporate Training

Does your business need trained employees ready to work, immediately?

We can assist in customized training of your employees in the skills you need most. Contact us today about our Apprenticeship programs with Apprenticeship Carolina at the SC Technical College System. Your investment will yield top-notch, fully trained employees and a tax break for your company!

The DiSC assessment is where your business should start when thinking about investing in training.

This important assessment is used in top companies around the world to help businesses understand their employees' behavior. More than likely, two employees that seem to not get along is probably because they both are saying the same thing but understanding it differently.

Dissect what your employees really mean and need in their working environments to make your company successful. This training includes an online assessment delivered before meeting and then a complete breakdown session of what it all means including activities.

Do your employees need just a little conversational Spanish to help them communicate better with customers or their colleagues?

We can customized a conversational Spanish class for your business.

We also offer the opportunity to purchase materials for individuals that want to self-study.

A skilled outside facilitator ensure the outcome needed.

We offer training in computer applications from beginner to advanced. We can train in our labs or bring laptops to your place. We can help you navigate today’s social media and World Wide Web applications.

Serving your customers is more than just a smile and a greeting; it’s a way of doing business. We offer training for the frontline employees and can help your management team create a customer service business culture that will set you apart from your competition.

How do you manage today’s employee? How can you manage the ever-changing work environment? Our consultants can help you establish your best practices and give your managers the skills to develop and manage your success.

Your employees are your most important resources. Let us help you develop them as you grow. Today’s employee must be a continuous learner.

Our consultants have worked for and with major Fortune 500 companies. They know what it takes to create a winning cultural environment.

We are ready to help you develop tomorrow’s leaders. Empowering your employees is the key in strategic decision-making, team building, and yes, success.