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Building Analyst

Building Analyst  (BA) Training

Become BPI Certified and move toward becoming an Energy Auditor.

BPI Building Analyst

This 48-hour course combines both classroom instruction and individual student performance tests. It covers the fundamentals of building science, measurement and verification of building performance, BPI standards and project specs, building analysis, and professional ethics, conduct and communication. Books included.


Day I

House as a System Concept

Health and Safety

Fundamentals of Building Science

Day II

Building Envelope Evaluation

Thermal and Pressure Boundaries

Blower Door


Building Calculations

Building Airflow and Ventilation

Combustion Science

Day IV

Heating Systems and Hot Water Heaters

Combustion Safety

Health and Safety

Day V

Review and Field Test

Day VI

Review and BPI Certification Test


Class dates TBD



Tim Newsome