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Lead Safety

NEW EPA training requirements are now in place for Certified Renovators! The new EPA rules apply to contractors who renovate or repair housing, child-care facilities or schools built before 1978. Under the new rules, trained contractors and workers must follow lead-safe work practice standards to reduce potential exposure to dangerous levels of lead during renovation and repair activities. The requirements apply to anyone who could potentially expose children to lead dust during their work and includes builders, painters, plumbers, and electricians.


In April 2010, this certification will become MANDATORY for anyone who could potentially expose children to lead dust. Technical College of the Lowcountry has partnered with Greenville Technical College to offer the training.  Greenville Technical College obtained EPA-approval to teach this new course in July, 2009 – one of the first nine approved training providers in the nation!  Make sure your firm is ready for this new regulatory mandate by taking our Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting course… BEFORE the deadline hits!!


This 8-hour course is available as listed below.


Class limited to 10 students.

Billy O'Neal
Program Coordinator / Industrial Skills