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Total Hours: 288
Total Cost of Welding Program $4380 (classes can be paid for separately)

Classes form regularly. Call for availability.
Other Information:

  •  Classes meet 1p-5p and 5p-9p, Monday through Thursday
  •  Students are required to wear steel-toed work boots.
  •  Classes are held on the Beaufort and Hampton campus.
  • Students are required to purchase a welding book. $20

Basic Welding Includes the following classes:

Oxygen/Acetylene Introduction  72 hours  $1095

Introduction to basic Oxygen/Acetylene welding, cutting, brazing, safety, setup and maintenance of oxy-fuel welding, and cutting equipment and supplies.

ARC/Stick Basic   72 hours  $1095

Introduction to basic ARC welding tips and techniques, including safety, striking an arc, choosing electrodes and running a bead of weld.

MIG Basic    72 hours  $1095

Introduction to basic MIG setup, maintenance and operation of Metal Inert Gas welding equipment safely.

TIG Basic     72 hours $1095

Introduction into basic TIG setup, maintenance and operation of Tungsten Inert Gas welding equipment safely.

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or to register:

Billy O'Neal

Sally Smith


Joan Brown
Hampton Campus