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Congratulations to the TCL Class of 2011. I’m very proud of our students who persist. They are the champions and it’s a joy to celebrate with them.

As we begin the summer term, we feel the pressure of an institution that has grown remarkably fast – 65 percent in the last six years – while dealing with lingering budget cuts. Declines in financial support strain a productive institution of its energy and momentum. Despite all this, the faculty continues to advance and deliver a quality education.

TCL is moving forward. We are developing a comprehensive facility master plan that will help guide the future direction for building the physical infrastructure. Our strategic planning includes new program exploration that will complement regional initiatives and support economic development.

Of noteworthy importance is the new QuickJobs Training Center in Colleton County scheduled for dedication in June. It is truly a pleasure to work with committed leaders in all of our counties who value and support TCL’s vast array of program offerings. That support takes bold action during tough economic times. Our job is to create the infrastructure to support development which leads to a better community. Serving our communities requires courageous leadership and resources. Without question, we have the leadership.

We need additional resources to continue to turn out the successful graduates who contribute to the economic well-being of our community. In the near term you will begin to see creative ways to garner the financial resources we need to operate and expand. Education is probably the wisest investment anyone can make. Please support TCL with an investment mentality, and I promise you, the return will be noticeable and tangible. It’s truly about making smart decisions to amass a smart society. I appreciate your support in helping us build a better community for everyone.

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