Accounting Software: QuickBooks

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The Basics and Beyond

In two full Saturday classes, students will learn the basics and beyond using QuickBooks.

Students will learn how to get around the application software by knowing and understanding basic accounting and how it relates to using QuickBooks for your business. Students will set up QuickBooks, work with lists, work with bank accounts, and analyze data.

Students will also learn the following:

Keep track of customers and account receivable. (Students will learn to enter sales information, receive payments and make deposits.)

Keep track of vendors and account payables. (Students will learn to enter and pay bills.)

Manage employees and payroll. ) Students will learn to use payroll with QuickBooks and track time of their employees.)

Keep track of inventory. (Students will learn to set up inventory and track.)
*Students will work in a computer lab with QuickBooks installed. Students are not required to have the software but it is recommended. Book included in tuition.


Saturdays, October 1 and 8, 2011, 8:00a-5:00p, Beaufort Campus


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