Computer Courses in Colleton

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Tuesday & Thursday Computer courses now offered

in Colleton from 6:30p-8:30p for $29 each.
Contact 843-525-8205 to Register

File Management
The term computer file management refers to the manipulation of documents and data in files on a computer. Specifically, one may create a new file or edit an existing file and save it; open or load a pre-existing file into memory; or close a file without saving it. Additionally, one may group related files in directories. These tasks are accomplished in different ways in different operating systems and depend on the user interface design and, to some extent, the storage medium being used.
December 10

Becoming Internet Savvy
Are you lost when you get online? Do the unknowns of the internet chase you away? The Internet is a tool that can help leverage your projects and most importantly your dreams, if you let it. You will learn how to become more familiar with the Internet and how to research so you can stop putting off your online ventures and start getting things done more efficiently.
December 12

Word Part 1
Students will work with Word basics learning the interface, templates and also to create and edit Business Letters.

Word Part 2
Students will build on the basics from part 1 to create Memorandum, a Press Release and a Simple Report.

Excel Part 1
Students will explore the Excel interface, templates and learn complete Editing, Viewing and Printing Worksheets.
November 12

Excel Part 2
Students will build on the basics from part 1 and work with Formulas, Functions and Format the contents of Cells.
November 14

Students may want to take all courses in the Computer series as each builds on one another. Students must pre-register for each course. Contact Jayne at 843-525-8205 to register.

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