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The World’s Simplest and Most Effective Way to Eliminate Back Pain…

 Back pain is an issue that almost every American will suffer in their lifetime. Sign up for this exclusive workshop offered by Ian Hart to learn how to live life pain free.

Ian is a nationally accredited fitness expert and veteran trainer who has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine, Ok! Magazine, Fox News, NY1 News and many more. You may know him from his recurring article in Lowcountry Weekly and segments on WTOC Savannah.

If you have ever found yourself sitting with nagging back pain, thinking the pain is never going to go away, this is a session for you. Learn of scientifically proven methods for permanent back pain relief. No need for medication, fancy equipment or doctors. Ian will discuss reasons for back pain, including: daily muscular imbalances; diet/allergies; stress and improper movement. Back pain can be tricky, but there are solutions that can assist in eliminating pain. Making a choice to change is the first step and getting out and taking action is an important step to that goal.

February 19, 5:30p-7:30p
EarthFIT on Ladys Island
(37 Sams Point Rd.)

Cost  $29

To Register: Call 525-8205

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