How do I begin doing my course work?

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Log in to your “My TCL BB9 Home”  page and then click on the hyperlink for the course on which you will be working. This will display the home page for that course. Some courses may require an Access Code, which should come bundled with your textbook, the first time you attempt to access the course. Enter the code when requested and be careful to duplicate exactly what is provided with special emphasis on case and alpha characters.

On the course “Homepage” you will note that there is a white information area that covers much of the screen.  Normally, you will also see the Course Menu on the left side of the screen.  If all you see is the white information area, click on the little arrow head on the left side of the information area.  This will bring you back to the normal view with the Course Menu on the left.  Conversely, if you want the information area to cover the entire screen, click on the arrow head and the Course Menu will be hidden. The information area on the Course’s Home Page provides you with several different types of notifications. You will find an Announcements area where your instructor and Blackboard Administration can provide you with announcements of things that are going on in your course or within Blackboard in general.  Additionally, you will find areas where your instructor can set up tasks to be completed as part of your course, an indication of new happenings in your course, things that need your attention, a course calendar, things that need to done and special alerts about things that are past due or early warnings about potential performance problems.  In most cases if you click on the Announcement or Home page items, you will be provided amplifying information about the item in question.

The Course Menu provides you with links to the content and tools available in your course.  We advise you to review your courses syllabus as one of the first things that you do.  This will give you insight as to whom your instructor is, how to communicate with him or her, what he or she expects from you and other information about how the course will operate.  If you have any problems with the operation of any of the features of the course, you should contact the Technical College of the Lowcountry Online Support Center toll-free: 1-877-736-2586.

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