How do I transfer credits?

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The Technical College of the Lowcountry offers multiple educational options for your future. TCL offers the College Transfer Program leading to an Associate in Arts (AA) or an Associate in Science (AS) degree. All of the courses required to complete the two-year AA/AS programs may be transferred to any four-year public university or college in South Carolina as well as selected out-of-state universities. Students planning to transfer to a four-year school are encouraged to plan their program with a TCL counselor and their academic advisor.

It is important to know that general education requirements and requirements for specific majors vary among different colleges and universities. The TCL Student Success Center is a good resource for students who plan to transfer credit from TCL. The Center has information on colleges and universities and the degree programs they offer. Counselors and academic advisors are available to help students with academic planning to insure course work is appropriate for the program at the four-year institution they plan to attend.

NOTE: Developmental education courses do not transfer to other colleges. Additional placement information, testing or coursework may be required.
See Transfer Policies for South Carolina Transfer Guidelines.

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