How often do I need to access my online course?

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TCL has an attendance policy that is as follows:

An e-mail is required from each student to the instructor by the end of the Add/Drop period. At this time the instructor will drop the student from the course if the e-mail is not received. Except in extenuating circumstances with the approval of the appropriate Division Dean, instructors drop students from class when 90 percent attendance is not maintained. Attendance in an online course is defined by correspondence as required by the instructor. After the Add/Drop period, each student will be expected to communicate with the instructor via e-mail, online discussion forum, phone, or appointment at least once each week and access the web class at least once each week. After any three weeks of no communication or no access, the student will be dropped from the course. The instructor will assign a grade of’ “W,” “WP,” or “WF” based upon the student’s academic standing as of the last date of attendance, which is the date of the last log-in.

Your instructor will evaluate your participation in the course and may base a portion of your grade on it.  It is safe to say that if you keep up with your course work, there should not be any attendance problems.

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