How often do I need to access my online course?

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Online Attendance Policy

For all online courses, students must complete an assignment designated by the instructor during the first week of classes. The instructor will drop the student from the course if the initial assignment is not completed.


Instructors will withdraw students from class when 90% attendance is not maintained. Attendance in an online course is defined by regular course access and by completion of assignments as required by the instructor. Each student will be expected to access the web class at least twice a week. Additional access is encouraged and may be necessary for successful completion of classes.


Failure to log in and complete assignments will result in the student being withdrawn from the course. The instructor will assign a grade of “W,” “WP,” or “WF” based upon the student’s academic standing as of the last date of attendance, which is the last login. Students are responsible for any financial matters associated with an administrative withdrawal.

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