Photography: For the Parent

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Developed for the parent….by a parent…

This course was developed for the parent who wants to have life-long memories of their children captured, but can’t afford to have a professional follow them around 24/7. Any camera will work for this course. If you have multiple cameras, bring the best one and the one you use most often.  This is a very basic photography class, but it also will shed some light into what motivates you and how you want your children remembered.  This course will include lecture, discussion, and hands-on learning.  It will be two, 1.5 hour classes.

Course Objectives

  • Getting to know your camera
  • Identifying what you want remembered
  • Basic composition
  • Basic light
  • How to get your child to cooperate
  • When to hire a professional

*Bonus Material*

  • iPhonography
  • Discussion on social media and pictures of your children

Cost: $45

To register: Click here and enter course code XPCI622 01, or call Jayne 843-525-8205


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