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Students will learn the origin of sushi and then participate in hands-on construction!

Would you like to learn to make sushi at home? This class will take you through the basics with simple techniques that make you look like a professional. Learn the proper way to cook the rice, prepare sushi rice and other ingredients and learn the concept of the hand roll.

Students will actually practice the techniques learned in class to construct the sushi, make sushi rolls and learn additional techniques to practice. Sushi is mostly about the ingredients; although, presentation is very important as well.

The instructor will furnish the tools and food needed for the class; he just asks for $20 to cover what you will need. Be ready to learn and eat!


Wednesday, 5:30p – 8p, July 25, Beaufort Campus

Saturday, 9:30a- Noon, July 28, Beaufort Campus


$39 (plus $20 paid to your instructor for materials)

To Register

 843-525-8205 or click here to register online (use course code XPCI 599)

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