What is an online course at TCL?

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The majority of the online courses at TCL are based on a platform called Blackboard on the World Wide Web. Course materials are uploaded onto the Blackboard platform and are then accessible to the students and instructors from any computer that is properly configured and has the appropriate software and access to the web. All of our online courses are hosted locally on TCL’s own server.

Online courses have been developed for many of the subjects taught at TCL, although all of them will not necessarily be available every semester. Online courses generally require that the students buy a textbook in addition to the material that is presented to them “online”. In addition, they are generally informed of and submit their assignments online. Many of the quizzes and tests of the course will be given online, however some of the instructors require their students to take written final exams on campus at the Testing Center. Most of the instructors make use of in-course email, discussions and bulletin boards to communicate back and forth with their students. In some cases, instructors will also require participation in Chat Rooms online.

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