Writing: Character

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One, Two, Three…

Creating Dynamic Characters

What to expect:

  • The Focal Character or hero
  • What does the focal character want?
  • Type casting the main characters
  • Beyond the physical description to motivation
  • Irene Asher Institute for Human Resources(Myers Briggs) modified for Fiction
  • How does the character focus attention?
  • How does the character find out about things?
  • How does the character see the outer world?
  • How does the character make decisions?
  • The opponent or villain
  • What does the opponent want?
  • How to make characters different
  • A Character Bible
  • Compare and contrast the main characters
  • Letting your characters speak–Dialogue
  • Putting your characters in motion–Scenes

September 16, Monday, 6p-7:30p
Beaufort Campus

Cost  $29

Click Here, to Register Online (just enter XPCI 639 01 under course code) or call 843-525-8205

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