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General FAQ

We have a great tool called 9 Simple Steps to Enrollment. Click here to see each and every step, from submitting your application to purchasing books.

Your entire academic calendar can be found here.

We have flexible payment options and various financial aid options available for qualifying students. Check out the latest tuition and fees here.

Our locations include:

Beaufort Campus / 843.525.8211 / 921 Ribaut Road • Beaufort, SC 29901

Hampton Campus / 803.943.4262 / H. Mungin Center • 54 Tech Circle • Varnville, SC 29944

New River Campus / 843.470.6000 / 100 Community College Dr. • Bluffton, SC 29909


Plus we have two additional offices at the military bases:

MCAS Beaufort Merritt Field / 843.228.7494 / Education Office • Building 596, Room 107 • Geiger Blvd

MCRD Parris Island / 843.228.2659 / Installation Personnel Admin Center (IPAC) • Base Education Office • 923 Chosin Reservoir Rd. Room 30 • Parris Island, SC 29905

It’s easy! Take a tutorial on WebAdvisor or create your own Blackboard account.
NOTE: Type your WebAdvisor User ID in lowercase letters with no spaces. Type your Password with no spaces or dashes.

You can get your student ID and parking decal at Student Records, Bldg. 2 on the Beaufort Campus, at the Learning Resource Center at the New River Campus, and at the front desk at the Hampton Campus. You will need to present your tuition receipt to the Student Records Office to get your student ID and parking decal. You will also need to present your vehicle registration information in order to receive your parking decal.

As a TCL student, you have access to your free personal TCL email account, which is immediately available for your use for as long as you’d like . . . even after you graduate. It’s also an important method that the college will use to communicate with you, so be sure to check it often. Click here to learn how.

The LRC, also known as our Library, is a wonderful tool. Visit a fully operational Library FAQ.

You can find our current holiday schedule on our academic calendar.

Financial Aid qualifications vary. All students should complete the federal government’s Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA). You must complete the FASFA for all financial aid including the SC Lottery Tuition Assistance Program.  Here’s a BIG tip - start the financial aid process early to avoid the last minute rush before classes begin. For detailed financial aid information click here.

Financial Aid qualifications vary. All students should complete the federal government’s Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA). You must complete the FASFA for all financial aid including the SC Lottery Tuition Assistance Program.  Here’s a BIG tip - start the financial aid process early to avoid the last minute rush before classes begin. For detailed financial aid information click here.

Your FAFSA should be updated each year after January 1 for the Fall semester.

Financial is not available for Continuing Education classes.

TCL School Code is 009910.

Contact the financial aid office about student loans: financialaid@tcl.edu / 843-470-5961

The FAFSA form must be completed to be considered for student loans.

TCL holds a mandatory student loan workshop that can answer many of your questions. Get the schedule now. (Spring 2011 Student Loan Workshop Schedule).

Students are required to meet with an Academic Advisor to plan an appropriate course schedule. Advisors are listed on WebAdvisor (see below), or you may obtain your Advisor's information through an Admissions office representative.

To access WebAdvisor, go to: http://webadvisor.tcl.edu

Remeber: Type your WebAdvisor User ID in lowercase letters with no spaces. Type your Password with no spaces or dashes.

Students who wish to have a transcript mailed or faxed must complete the Transcript Request Form.  There is a fee of $15.00 per transcript mailed or faxed to the recipient.

TCL staff, students, and faculty are eligible to borrow materials from our Beaufort Campus and our New River Campus using their TCL ID. In addition, valid public library cards are accepted from Hampton, Beaufort, Jasper, and Colleton counties, and all participating PASCAL Delivers institutions. Visiting patrons must register as borrowers in the LRC.
In addition to checking out books, current Technical College of the Lowcountry faculty, staff and students may check out Kindles.
• Kindles circulate for two weeks and may not be renewed.
• The LRC must have a signed borrower's agreement prior to checkout.
• You may request one title to be loaded onto a Kindle. You will be notified when the Kindle is ready to be picked up.
• New titles are not loaded on Kindles at the Circulation Desk.
• Return the Kindle to the circulation desk where you checked it out.
• Do not pile other books or materials on the Kindle. This may damage the screen.
• Anything you saved to the Kindle will be deleted when it is returned.
• Late fees are $10.00 per day. There is no grace period. Charges will be based on the cost of the Kindle plus fines and processing fees.
• You are responsible for any damage done to the Kindle while it is checked out to you, and will be charged a damage fee based on the damage up to the cost of replacement. Also, you will be charged the replacement fee if a Kindle is reported missing or stolen while checked out to your account.

Replacement fees:
• Kindle 2 $139.00 plus $15.00 processing fee
• Kindle DX $379.00 plus $15.00 processing fee
• Kindle Cover $50.00
• Kindle USB cable, $15.00
• Kindle Power Adapter, $20.00


Regular Hours During Semesters:
Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 8:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 11:30am
Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Hours during intersessions:
Monday-Thursday 8:00am - 5:30 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 11:30 am.


A librarian is usually available Monday-Thursday at the New River campus, but exact hours vary. To make an appointment with the New River librarian, call 843-470-6003. During hours when a librarian is not available at New River, library/reference assistance is still available via the Beaufort campus library. To contact a librarian, call 843-525-8304 or use the library chat feature located on our website.


The LRC computers at the New River campus are available during normal campus operating hours.

You can find our current holiday schedule on our academic calendar.

Students must have their class schedule and student ID when purchasing textbooks.

The New River Campus stocks books for classes being taught at the New River Campus only.  If you are taking classes at the Beaufort Campus or online, you must purchase your books at the Beaufort Campus Bookstore. If you are taking classes at the Hampton Campus, you need to purchase your books at the Hampton Campus. Please note that the Hampton Campus only stocks books for classes being taught at the Hampton Campus.

The Technical College of the Lowcountry offers multiple educational options for your future. TCL offers the College Transfer Program leading to an Associate in Arts (AA) or an Associate in Science (AS) degree. All of the courses required to complete the two-year AA/AS programs may be transferred to any four-year public university or college in South Carolina as well as selected out-of-state universities. Students planning to transfer to a four-year school are encouraged to plan their program with a TCL counselor and their academic advisor.

It is important to know that general education requirements and requirements for specific majors vary among different colleges and universities. The TCL Student Success Center is a good resource for students who plan to transfer credit from TCL. The Center has information on colleges and universities and the degree programs they offer. Counselors and academic advisors are available to help students with academic planning to insure course work is appropriate for the program at the four-year institution they plan to attend.

NOTE: Developmental education courses do not transfer to other colleges. Additional placement information, testing or coursework may be required.
See Transfer Policies for South Carolina Transfer Guidelines.

Placement Tests FAQ

Specialized Tests - TEAS FAQ

TCL Bookstore FAQ

Distance Learning FAQ

The majority of the online courses at TCL are based on a platform called Blackboard on the World Wide Web. Course materials are uploaded onto the Blackboard platform and are then accessible to the students and instructors from any computer that is properly configured and has the appropriate software and access to the web. All of our online courses are hosted locally on TCL's own server.

Online courses have been developed for many of the subjects taught at TCL, although all of them will not necessarily be available every semester. Online courses generally require that the students buy a textbook in addition to the material that is presented to them "online". In addition, they are generally informed of and submit their assignments online. Many of the quizzes and tests of the course will be given online, however some of the instructors require their students to take written final exams on campus at the Testing Center. Most of the instructors make use of in-course email, discussions and bulletin boards to communicate back and forth with their students. In some cases, instructors will also require participation in Chat Rooms online.

Online courses are not for everyone.  You must have a personal computer meeting certain requirements, operating system software, fully configured Web browser software and access to the Internet. You must also have a good deal of self-motivation and self-discipline to ensure that you accomplish the course work in accordance within the schedule prescribed by the instructor.  Good reading and writing skills are important for you to effectively communicate with your instructor and other classmates and complete assignments.


1. Blackboard Learn requires the latest version of Sun JRE 6. The JRE can be downloaded from http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp.

2. For Recommend Computer Hardware Standards Click Here

3. The following technologies are not supported:

a. Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7

b. Firefox 1.x, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5

c. Safari 2.0, 3.x (or any version on Windows)

d. Mac OSX 10.4 "Tiger"

e. Java 5


You can access your course(s) by clicking here.  This will take you to the "Blackboard Learn+" log in page where you will find a dialog box that will ask you for your Blackboard ID and password. Once you have entered the required information, click "Login". You will then be taken to your personalized “My TCL BB9 Home” page where all your TCL hosted courses should be listed on the screen. To enter your course, click on the course title and you will be taken to that course.

To access the login page, click “Login to.” Your Username is your seven-digit TCL Student ID Number including the preceding 0’s.


Example: 0012345.

Your Password is the first letter of your first name, lowercase, followed by the last three digits of your SSN).

Log in to your “My TCL BB9 Home”  page and then click on the hyperlink for the course on which you will be working. This will display the home page for that course. Some courses may require an Access Code, which should come bundled with your textbook, the first time you attempt to access the course. Enter the code when requested and be careful to duplicate exactly what is provided with special emphasis on case and alpha characters.

On the course "Homepage" you will note that there is a white information area that covers much of the screen.  Normally, you will also see the Course Menu on the left side of the screen.  If all you see is the white information area, click on the little arrow head on the left side of the information area.  This will bring you back to the normal view with the Course Menu on the left.  Conversely, if you want the information area to cover the entire screen, click on the arrow head and the Course Menu will be hidden. The information area on the Course's Home Page provides you with several different types of notifications. You will find an Announcements area where your instructor and Blackboard Administration can provide you with announcements of things that are going on in your course or within Blackboard in general.  Additionally, you will find areas where your instructor can set up tasks to be completed as part of your course, an indication of new happenings in your course, things that need your attention, a course calendar, things that need to done and special alerts about things that are past due or early warnings about potential performance problems.  In most cases if you click on the Announcement or Home page items, you will be provided amplifying information about the item in question.

The Course Menu provides you with links to the content and tools available in your course.  We advise you to review your courses syllabus as one of the first things that you do.  This will give you insight as to whom your instructor is, how to communicate with him or her, what he or she expects from you and other information about how the course will operate.  If you have any problems with the operation of any of the features of the course, you should contact the Technical College of the Lowcountry Online Support Center toll-free: 1-877-736-2586.

Access the Technical College of the Lowcountry Online Support Center now! Browse helpful guides and material and contact the support team directly – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Chat live with a support team member, submit a ticket with an issue or concern, or call directly, toll-free: 1-877-736-2586.


Note: in order to submit a ticket you must first create an account. When doing so please use your TCL e-mail address and password associated with your Blackboard Account to eliminate confusion.


You should contact your instructor if you are having trouble with the content of your course, completing your assignments, completing your quizzes and tests, participating in Chat Rooms or Course Discussions, or simply falling behind in your class. You will find the office location, office hours, email address, and office telephone number in the syllabus of your course.

There are two methods of communicating with your instructor and fellow classmates available within your online course.  They are “Messaging” and “Email” and will generally be found on the “Tools” page in your course.  The instructor may choose not to have both tools available for your use.  The Messaging function is totally within the course structure, while the Email function works just as your home email does.

Online Attendance Procedure

For all online courses, students must adhere to the online attendance policy.  Click the following link for more details: TCL Online Attendance Procedure.

Continuing Education FAQ