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Donor Recognition

2016 TCL Distinguished Donors & Partners

Photo-Liz and Todd Clist-TCL Philanthropists of the Year
Liz and Todd Clist-TCL
Philanthropists of the Year
Photo-Thompson Turner Construction-TCL Corporate Partner of the Year (Mr. Hal Turner, pictured)
Thompson Turner Construction-
TCL Corporate Partner of the Year
Photo-Camille Myers, Dr. Laurence Neely-TCL Volunteers of the Year
Camille Myers, Dr. Laurence Neely-
TCL Volunteers of the Year
(Maggie O’Sullivan, not pictured)

TCL Distinguished Donors are those individuals, businesses and organizations who have generously given or pledged $1,000 or more within the past twelve months. Faculty and staff who give at the Distinguished Donor level are so designated by TCL following their name.


America’s Warrior Partnership
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bailey – TCL
Mr. and Mrs. David Barton
The Bargain Box
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bootle
BrightView Landscape
General Arthur Brown, US Army Ret.
Calhoun Station
Mary Lee Carns – TCL
Carroll Services
Mr. Gary Cassevah
Patti and John Chiacchiero
Liz and Todd Clist
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Duvall
Coastal Community Foundation
Community Foundation of the Lowcountry
Compass Municipal Advisors
Laura and Marvin Dukes – TCL
Friends of Callawassie Island
Mrs. Theodora Feldberg
G&O Wilkie, Inc.
GCA Services Group, Inc.
Mrs. Lou Gast
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Goodridge
Sonia and Chalmers Gorman
Judy and Richard Gough – TCL
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne (Gabby) Grabenbauer
Martha and Andrew Grant
Mr. Norman Harberger
Carol and Tom Henry
Brenda Campos
Raven Weekly
Charmaine Inabinett
Teresa Boatwright-Parker
Heritage Classic Foundation
The Hospital Auxiliary
Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival
Hilton Head Legal Staff Professionals
Hite Associates
Erika Johnson – TCL
Ladies Investment Club of Beaufort
Mr. Charles Laffitte, Jr.
Drs. Fred and Vicky Leitz
Lowcountry Human Resources Association
Valerie and John McCann
McNair Law Firm
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Moses
Moss Creek Marines
Dr. Gina Mounfield – TCL
Ms. Camille Myers – TCL
Palmetto Electric Cooperative
Palmetto State Bank
Sodexo Inc.
Sue and Tom Potrykus
Stevie and Frank Raiti
Sun City Lions Club
Sun City Veterans Association
Thompson Turner Construction
United Way
Linda Volkhardt
Ms. Nancy Weber – TCL
Veterans Scholarship Forever
Mr. Hayes Wiser – TCL

The Mather Legacy Society

Mather Legacy Society membership is offered to donors who make a permanent gift of an endowment and to donors who let us know by written documentation that they have included TCL in their estate plans or as beneficiary of another type of planned gift regardless of amount.

Mrs. Lou Gast
Mrs. Mary Ellen Hannan
Palmetto Electric Cooperative
Frank and Stevie Raiti
The Estate of Helen McCann Thompson

Friends of TCL

Mr. Rodney Adams-TCL 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Agresta   
Ms. Katherine K.  Albertini   
Alliance Consulting Engineers 
Ms. Vandy Amason-TCL   
 Ameris Bank   
 Amvets Post 70 Ladies Auxiliary   
Ms. Jane N.  Anderson   
Mr. Bill Antley   
Atlantic Community Bank
Ms. Donna Baker-TCL   
LTG and Mrs. John Ballantyne
Bank of America Foundation   
Battery Creek High School
Ms. Karen R.  Baxter   
Beaufort County School District 
 Beaufort High School
 Beaufort Middle School
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Becker 
Mr. Laurence Beckler-TCL   
Ms. Colleen W.  Bible-TCL   
 Bluffton Middle School PTO  
Ms. Mary E.  Bolden   
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Bolds 
Ms. Kelli Boniecki-TCL
Mr. John Paul Boulden   
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brashears
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bridges-TCL
Ms. Laketa M. Broussard-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Brown 
Ms. Joan Brown-TCL
Ms. Tamika Brown   
Ms. Bessie Bing Brunson   
Mr. Larry D.  Budge 
Buford Goff & Associates 
Mr. Michael Burgess-TCL   
Ms. Lynda Buss-TCL   
Butler Marine Inc. 
Ms. Denise Caesar-TCL   
Carroll Services    
Mrs. Marianne Chenault
Mr. Stephen Clarke 
Ms. Linda Clary   
Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Coaxum   
Mr. Robert Colborn   
Ms. Rhonda L. Cole-TCL   
Ms. Jolane Collins-TCL    
Ms. Margie Comer 
Control Management, Inc. 
Coosa Elementary School 
Ms. Kim Corley-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Angus Cotton   
Mr. Robert Craig   
Ms. Ann B.  Cramer   
Ms. Laura Cramer   
Creative Structures 
Ms. Catherine Crocker   
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Crosby 
Crowley Wechsler & Assoc. LLC 
Ms. Ann Cullen-TCL   
Ms. Jody Cummins-TCL
Ms. Lucina Currie   
Ms. Joan Dahl   
Mr. James Daniels-TCL   
Ms. Violeta B.  Davis   
Ms. Joan Deery   
Ms. Libby Deloach-TCL
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Dennis
Ms. Nanette Denton   
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Dietz   
Mr. Brad Downey-TCL   
Mr. James Doyle   
Mr. Allen E.  Dukes 
Mr. Edward Dukes   
Mr. Norman Eaton 
Mr. Richard Eckstrom   
Elliot Davis Decosimo 
Ms. Barbara Erickson 
Mr. Don Farmer 
Ms. Ashley Faubion-TCL   
First Citizens Bank   
Ms. Melanie Gallion-TCL   
Mr. Paul Gannon   
Ms. Shirley L. Jenkins- Gary   
Ms. Chantee P. George
Ms. Jayne Goff-TCL   
Ms. Nicole Green-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Green   
H.E. McCracken MS  
Ms. Cindy Halsey   
Mr. Hadi Hamid-TCL   
Mr. Robert F.  Harding   
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin Haskell, Jr.   
Mr. and Mrs. Wallie Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Heichel   
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Heitzke   
Mr. and Mrs. John Hemphill   
Mr. Cody Henderson   
Mr. William Floyd Henderson-TCL
Ms. Eva Henry-TCL   
Mr. & Mrs. William Herbkersman   
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Herkenham   
Mrs. Joan Heyward   
Hilton Head HS Booster Club   
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hincher   
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie R. Hipp 
Ms. Shana M.  Hirsch-TCL   
Ms. Debbie Hodges 
Mr. Harry E.  Hodges   
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hogg 
Ms. Lagretta A. Howard-TCL   
Ms. Rosemary Hunt-TCL   
IBM Corporation  
Ms. Patricia J.  Irwin   
Ms. Daniel I. Istoc-TCL   
Ms. Leanne Jewett   
Mr. David C.  Johnson 
Ms. Erika Johnson-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony U. Jones   
Mr. Keith Kahl   
Mr. Russell Keevy-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Kirby   
Ms. Marilynn Koerber-TCL   
Ms. Lori R.  Kriwanek   
Lady's Island Elementary School   
Lady's Island Middle School   
Mr. and Mrs. Montague T. Laffitte   
Mr. William Lambart 
Mr. Davis Laura   
Ms. Joyce Macklin Lee   
Ms. Barbara Leitner   
Dr.  Thomas C. Leitzel 
Dr. Glenn Levicki-TCL
Ms. Joy Locke-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lombardi 
Ms. Janice Lyle-TCL
Ms. Sona Lyttle-TCL   
Ms. Carol Mack-TCL   
Mr. Douglas MacLean   
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mannheim   
Mr. and Mrs. James Marks III   
Ms. Louise Mathews-TCL   
Mr. Greg Mauriocourt-TCL   
Ms. Elaine Maury-TCL   
Ms. Debralee McClellan-TCL   
Ms. Latesha McComas-TCL   
Col. & Mrs. H. Emmett McCracken   
Ms. Alison Meacham-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Meister   
Ms. Megan Metzcus-TCL
Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Meyer 
Ms. Natavia Middleton-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Boulton Mohr   
Ms. Anna Moralez-TCL   
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morrow   
Mossy Oaks Elem. School PTO 
Mr. Tom Mullins-TCL   
Dr.  Laurence C.  Neely-TCL   
Ms. Carolyn Nettles   
Ms. Yvette Newton-TCL
Ms. Mary Noonan   
Oak Advisors 
Mr. William O’Neal-TCL  
Ms. Maggie O’Sullivan-TCL   
Palmetto Eye Specialists/Island Medical Spa 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Patterson   
Mr. Wilbur (Bill) Payne 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Peeples 
Mr. John Perrill   
Powell Electric   
Mr. Larry Price   
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rainville   
Red Cedar Elem. School PTO 
Ms. Louise Rennix-TCL   
Michael L. Ricks-TCL   
RJC Wealth Management Grp.-Merrill Lynch 
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kevin Roberson   
Robert Smalls Middle School   
Mr. Christopher Ruggere   
Mrs. Helen D. Ryan   
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sapp   
Ms. Yolanda D. Saunders-Polk   
Mr. Charles Scarminach   
Mr. & Mrs. Horst W. Schroeder   
SCYC Cruising Fleet   
Mr. Bob Semmler 
Mr. Rob Shiels   
Ms. Amanda Simmons
Ms. Gloria Singleton-TCL   
Ms. Kathleen Slyh-TCL   
Mr. David Smalls   
Ms. Jean Smith-TCL   
Ms. Karen L.  Smith-TCL 
Ms. Sally Smith-TCL   
Ms. Susan Smith-TCL   
Southern Palmetto Landscape   
Mrs. Helen Soutter   
Mr. and Mrs. John Stefan   
Ms. Mildred P. Stinson   
Mr. Barry Taylor   
Ms. Juanita J. Taylor-TCL   
Ms. Janet Thomas   
Ms. Marjorie Thomas   
Ms. Catherine Timmer-TCL   
Town of Hilton Head Island
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trask   
Mr. John Tuckwiller 
Mr. and Mrs. Underwood   
Ms. Denise Van Nostran-TCL
Ms. Margarita Vedders-TCL   
Ms. Linda Jane Vingelen   
Mr. and Mrs. Cecile Viverette, Jr.   
Col. and Mrs. W. R. Von Harten   
Ms. Mary Alice Walker   
Dr. Vashti K. Washington 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Weiss-TCL
Ms. Andrea West-TCL   
Whale Branch Early College HS  
Mr. David Whitehouse   
Mr. Whitmore Plumbing   
Mr. Jack Wilson 
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson 
Mr. Joseph C.  Wilson   
Mr. Harold K.  Wood 
Ms. Vernell Thompson Young