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Transient Students

Welcome Home! Need to take a class this summer?

Relax. There’s an application for that at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.


Register by May 9 for Summer 10- week classes that start May 20. Register by May 31 for Summer II 7-week classes that start June 10 .  Get started today! Here’s how:


Enter TCL as a transient student. You are a transient student if you are pursuing a degree at another college or university but you choose to take some approved classes at TCL.


  • Will TCL classes transfer to my current college or university? It is possible that any TCL class will transfer to your current college or university as long as you have an approved transient approval form from your home institution. This form is what gives you permission to take the TCL course(s) and ensures that the course(s) will transfer back. Find out more about classes that transfer on the Student Records web page.
  • How do I know if the class I need is offered during the summer? Use the TCL Course Search feature to peruse classes offered. In the Term field selection, select either 10-week or 7-week Summer Term. (The 10-Week Summer term starts May 20 and ends by August 6. The 7-Week Summer term starts June 10 and ends by August 6.) And remember, TCL offers evening and online classes to fit into your hectic summer schedule. Plus TCL offers classes at campuses in Beaufort, Bluffton and Hampton. Click here for instructions on using the course search feature.

So, just how do I enter TCL as a transient?


1. Apply for Admissions

Submit a TCL admissions application. You do not need to take a placement test.


2. Obtain a Transient Approval Form & Current College Transcript

Contact your advisor at your home institution to receive a Transient Approval Form or Letter. You and your advisor must ensure that you have met pre-requisites for theTCL courses for which you will register. This approval is only valid for one semester and is your assurance that your home institution will accept the TCL courses for credit. You will also need to request a copy of your current college transcript.


3. Submit the Transient Approval Form

Submit the Transient Approval Form or letter from your current college or university by one of the following methods:

  • Visit the Arts and Sciences Division in building 9, room 102 at the Beaufort Campus on 921 Ribaut Road, Beaufort S.C.
  • Fax to (843) 470-8412, Attn: Carolyn Howell

4. Register for Classes

Contact Carolyn Howell in the Arts and Sciences Division to register. She may be reached at 843.525.8281 or chowell@tcl.edu.


5. Pay Tuition

Learn about tuition and fee information. After you register, you will receive information regarding your schedule and tuition.


6. Complete Transcript Request Form

Click here for details about sending your TCL transcript back to your home institution once your class is completed.

Need immediate assistance? Please contact Carolyn Howell at 843.525.8281 or by email at chowell@tcl.edu.

We look forward to serving you as our special summer guest!

What Transfers?

Use the widget on the Student Records page to see what transfers from TCL to your university or college.