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On January 12, I had the privilege to attend and participate in the inauguration ceremony of Nikki Haley. One of the speakers who preceded Governor Haley mentioned the State’s motto. When I looked carefully, South Carolina has two mottos on its official state seal:animis opibusque parati and dum spiro spero. Translated, these slogans are “Prepared In Mind and Resources,” and “While I Breathe I Hope.” It was this latter motto that was used in an introductory speech by Senator Glen McConnell, President Pro Tempore.


While I Breathe I Hope. That’s powerful. It’s optimistic and future oriented. It sends a message of a better day ahead. Leaders, many of whom heard these words spoken from the podium in Columbia are optimistic and filled with hope. In a general sense, I truly believe that people are optimistic and we all have a natural inclination toward a bright future. In our present struggles, whatever they may be, we must remain hopeful and focused on a brighter future. I know that’s the position of our Governor, and we need to unite in a spirit of optimistic cooperation to solve our present day challenges and achieve a prosperous future. It can be done, I hope. I really do hope.


On January 17, we pause to recognize the efforts of a great leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. This man was filled with hope. He breathed hope. He said, in one of his famous quotes, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”


I hope we all use the day and the season to reflect on hope. Visionary leaders keep focused on a better day, and they are relentless in making sure their hopes and dreams become realized. It’s a good model for all of us. Dedicate your efforts to noble causes that build better and stronger communities for all. Dream big and remain hopeful.

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