It’s the Holiday Season

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I’m a Christmas music junkie, and the moment Thanksgiving ends, I crank up the Christmas tunes. The day “Holly” pops up on XM radio, I begin to phone or text my friends. In my family, we have this silly contest where the winner is the first one to verify that “Holly” has gone live in the XM lineup. In case you wondered, I’m the undefeated reigning champion.


As I write this note, my office is filled with a variety of Christmas tunes. It puts me in a good mood. For those who find this behavior strange, well I guess I’ll go down on record as being strange. It’s just me. The other day a local TV station had a Facebook question that asked listeners to write in and list the holiday song they disliked the most. As for me, I like them all, even that annoying barking dog song.


What is it that puts us in a special good mood or creates the spirit of holiday benevolence in us? Is it inspired by music? Further, why do we behave differently at Christmas? Is it truly the most wonderful time of the year?


I’m somewhat reflective because I’m mindful of the beautiful lyrics that accompany the Christmas tunes. There is a richness in the lyrics that speaks differently to each one of us. Treasure the beautiful music and use the power of the season to refresh and restore joy in your heart and in your deeds.


The Christmas Story, like the music, is rooted in anticipation, hope and belief. I like tradition and I especially like Christmas Eve, when all the retail establishments close, and it’s quiet. The air is calm and fresh, and there is a deeper feeling that gets to the core of life. This is the time that Silent Night takes on real meaning for me, with hundreds of reflective moments of the wonder of the season. It’s an opportunity to reflect and be thankful.


I’m thankful for many things. The ability to serve is a gift, and at this special time of year when the holiday pressures mount, take time to listen and enjoy the unique blessings around us, and know that there can be peace on earth and in our hearts.


Last, here is one more holiday tune. Relax and enjoy TCL’s 2010 Holiday Greeting:


Joy and peace, today and always.

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