Our Heritage.

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Many reflect on history and heritage during the month of February with themed events including Black History Month and President’s Day. February is also an important month in the life of TCL. Each February we celebrate our heritage with a day where we reflect on the importance of our founding. There are few community and technical colleges in our nation that have a rich heritage like ours. It began in 1868 when our hero and founder, Rachel Crane Mather, ventured south to formally educate the daughters of freed slaves right here in the Lowcountry. The Mather School preceded the present day TCL, and each February alumni from the Mather School gather on TCL’s campus to celebrate their heritage.

This past week, a dear friend of the College and a member of the TCL Foundation sent me a link to a website from the Friends of Heritage Preservation. It contained several meaningful quotes about the importance of heritage. One was:

“The past informs who we are and inspires who we are capable of becoming.”

Think about this powerful statement. Think about this statement in the context of the past and the struggles of others who made life simpler and abundant for us. How cannot one be grateful?

That is the importance of heritage, as we look back with an inspired and grateful heart. Each of us has a personal heritage that may have been influenced or inspired by our own heroes. To TCL, our heritage was formed by an individual with the heart of a servant who sacrificed so others could prosper. Unequivocally, our Mather School past provides a grounding so we can make a difference and inspire others to make a difference. To the beautiful women of the Mather School, I thank you for inspiring us to become better through a platform of learning and caring. I will always treasure our heritage and hope that we use our capabilities to achieve new levels of inspired greatness.

TCL will celebrate its founding with the annual Mather School Alumni Celebration and Bell ringing Ceremony Friday, February 25 at 1:30 p.m. Please contact the TCL Foundation at 843.525.8294 for more information or visit

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