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Culinary Arts

Exciting Opportunity – Earn your Culinary Arts Certificate in just 16 weeks!

Register now for this NEW program where you’ll learn from nationally and internationally recognized chefs in a world-class environment. This accelerated, compressed curriculum is for students that can take the heat in the kitchen. Enroll today, and prepare for a lifetime of exciting employment and experiences.


This 18-credit hour culinary arts certificate program includes in- class and hands-on courses taught at Battery Creek High School in Beaufort, SC and at TCL. In addition, students will be required to complete internships at area restaurants and resorts — a great way to build your people network while building your culinary expertise!


Ready to get started? Contact us at culinary@tcl.edu or 843.470.6002


The Timeline

Enroll by December 1, 2016

Mandatory Orientation at TCL: December 2, 2016, 9:00-12:00

Classes: Monday 5:30-8:15 p.m., Tuesday 5:30-8:15 p.m., Wednesday 5:30-8:15 p.m., Thursday 5:30-8:15 (Internship course will be required SP II) A detailed schedule will be provided at registration.


Admissions Process:

  1. Complete TCL Online Admissions Application at www.tcl.edu/apply.
  2. Complete FAFSA. Visit www.tcl.edu/financial-aid for details.
  3. Take the Accuplacer placement exam at the TCL Testing Center
  4. Complete and Pass a Drug Screen Test – details and cost will be given when steps 1 -3 are completed (Cost is $69.00)
  5. Pass a Background Check and Sex Offender List screening
  6. Order Uniform and Knives  (This is an out of pocket expense)


The Cost:

Tuition and fees for 18 credit hours.


The Schedule:

  1. CUL 101 Tuesday 5:30-8:15 9 (Battery Creek High School) SPI 8-week course (*January 9th and ends March 3rd), Instructor G. Lightner
  2. CUL 102 Thursday 5:30-8:15 (Battery Creek High School) SPI 8-week course (*January 9th and ends March 3rd) Instructor G. Lightner
  3. HOS 255 Monday 5:30-8:15 (Beaufort Campus) SPI 8-week course (*January 9th and ends March 3rd) Instructor L. Salazar
  4. CUL 103 Monday 5:30-8:15 (Beaufort Campus) SPII 8-week course (*March 13-April 28) Instructor L. Salazar
  5. CUL 277 (Internship Course) SPII 8-week course (*March 13-April 28) Instructor G. Lightner, Other
  6. CPT 101-10 Wednesday 5:30-8:15  (*January 9- May 1) Full 16 week course at Beaufort Campus Instructor TBD.

*Please note, the dates listed show above note when the semester begins. However, the first day of the course will begin based on the day of the week the course is held. 


Additional Out of Pocket Expenses:

  1. Drug Screen ($69.00)
  2. Non-slip shoes
  3. Uniform
  4. Books – estimate $ 300.00
  5. Pen, thermometer and lighters need to be carried to light pilot lights.
  6. Notebooks etc
  7. Meals off-site
  8. Knife Set


 Rules for Student Conduct and Appearance

  • No body piercings or tattoos showing and hair color needs to be natural
  • No cologne or perfume
  • No fake nails no fingernail polish
  • Hair needs to be covered
  • No beards
  • No eye makeup allowed as it can fall into food
  • No jewelry/bracelets/necklaces earrings, etc.
  • No smoking allowed by students anywhere on property
  • No cell phone usage allowed while working
  • Any student with a dirty uniform or missing any needed items will be dismissed from class