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Be sure you’re not missing anything and stay in the know! Take advantage of all these tools TCL provides:


Facebook & Twitter

Did you know that TCL has both a Facebook and Twitter page? Be sure to like or follow one of them so you can be aware of different events and activities.


Student Email

Student Email is where you’ll find important messages about campus events, registration deadlines, and job opportunities. Check it often! If you need assistance in setting up your email look here.


Text Alerts

With TCL’s Text Alert you can receive immediate notification of emergency events via text messaging on your cell phone. In addition, you can elect to receive other texts about campus events and important deadlines (just check the box for “news and activities when you register). Everyone is strongly encouraged to register his/her cell phone with this service. Setting it up is easy, just go here.







Other ways to be
“in the know”



Need step-by-step instructions for all of these?

Download this Technology Matters PDF for all the details!