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Spring Fees 2014


Per Credit Hour Rates
College Service Area*: $156 per credit hour
College Non-Service Area: $181 per credit hour
Nonresident (out-of-state): $348 per credit hour
Nonresident (out-of-country): $382 per credit hour

*TCL Service Area consists of Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton, and Jasper counties.


Residents of Effingham and Chatham Counties who meet Georgia residency requirements are eligible for in-state tuition (College Non-Service Area) at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.


Tuition Payment Deadline is January 3

A Payment Plan might be an option for you: Learn more about paying your tuition in installments!



Registration Fee
A registration fee of $50 per semester will be charged to each student.


Capital Fee
A capital fee of $4 per credit hour will be to charged to each student.


Out-of-Country students who complete the admissions process but fail to matriculate will be charged an administrative fee of $200.


A $25 course fee will be applied to certain classes. This fee helps offset the expense of consumables, laboratory equipment, software, and additional instruction. Click here for the list.


*Tuition and fees are subject to change.



100% refund: 50% refund 0% on or after
Spring (16-week)
Jan 8-14 Jan 15-28 Jan 29
Spring I  (1st 8-week)
Jan 8-10 Jan 11-17 Jan 18
Spring II (12-Week)
March 10-12 March 13-19 March 20
Spring III (2nd 8-week)
Feb 3-8 Feb 9-18 Feb 19

Please note: Refunds apply to tuition only. Fees are nonrefundable.