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Where’s my check?

The Business Office oversees financial aid disbursements. Students who get Financial Aid (Pell, FSEOG, Loans) will receive a check for funds leftover after the bill has been paid. If you do not have a loan, checks are mailed out 30 days after your last class starts for the semester. If you do have a loan, checks will be sent 30 days after you are actually attending six credits or more. For first-time borrowers, Financial Aid applies the loans 30 days after the semester starts and the Business Office will mail the check within 15 days after that.


All disbursements are mailed to the student’s address on file and cannot be picked up in person. Please contact the Business Office at 843.525.8355 for full details and exceptions


Disbursement Check Schedule

Summer 2016 Summer I Summer II
Checks mailed by: 6/22/2016 7/6/2016
Fall 2016 Fall Fall I Fall II Fall III
Checks mailed by: 10/3/2016 10/3/2016 10/31/2016 10/3/2016
Spring 2017 Spring Spring I Spring II Spring III
Checks mailed by: 2/24/2017 2/24/2017 3/31/2017 2/24/2017