Welcome Students

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This is that splendid time of year when we welcome our students to the College, both new and returning.  There is always a special feeling to the start of a new academic year – full of excitement in the air — and I feel it.  I hope it’s catching to everyone at all campus locations.


My message to students is simple.  Study hard and take every advantage to expand your knowledge base both formally and informally.  All College employees work hard to make sure all students have a meaningful learning experience.


Learning occurs in many forms, and there are opportunities to get involved in Campus Life.  Various activities are available, some that coincide with your curriculum majors.  So, to students, step outside the comfort zone and embrace something new.  Participate in study groups and develop new friendships.  Get to know the talented faculty who work hard to provide you with the most current instructional content.  Additionally, establish stretch goals that reflect excellence in everything you do.  We want to see you enjoy your experience and graduate with a new and useful set of credentials that will help you succeed.  That is definitely something worth the excitement.


To our faculty and students, I offer my sincere best wishes for a successful academic year.  College life is exciting.  Enjoy it to the fullest.

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