Health Sciences Application for Fall 2021

  1. Sign into this link using your TCL email information:
  2. Click on Forms
  3. Each Student must complete the Health Sciences Program Application and click submit.
  4. Depending on which program you are applying to, please complete Program Application & Weighted Admission Score Sheet and click submit after each one.
  5. All application information will need to be completed and submitted prior to your online advising appointment.
  6. If your program requires the TEAS or providing licensure as part of the application, please submit copies ahead of time to or
  7. Please call 843-525-8267 to set up your online appointment where your application will be reviewed and updated as needed. You will need to have access to camera and microphone if you are choosing a virtual appointment.
  8. After online appointment for application submission, you will be instructed on how to make your application payment.
  9. Applications will not be submitted and/or processed until proof of payment has been completed.

**Disclaimer** If you are more than 10 minutes late signing in to your online appointment, you will need to reschedule