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University Scholars


The smartest way to a four-year degree.

Introducing the TCL University Scholars program — TCL’s smart and affordable university transfer program. Featuring rigorous classes, a vigorous faculty, college transfer advisement, and student body programs and activities, TCL University Scholars is a REAL two year college transfer program that is respected and accepted by four-year universities across the state of South Carolina and beyond.

We offer eight university transfer degrees that will save you tens of thousands of dollars. Complete two years at TCL and then go anywhere. Whether you’re dreaming of a bachelor’s degree in science, history, English, math, education, criminal justice or something else, TCL has your first two years covered.

Join Us!

Learn more at our upcoming open house set for Thursday, May 30 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Beaufort and New River Campuses. <RSVP HERE>

Plus, if you’re one of the first 20 students to register under this program, you will receive a $1,000 scholarship for two years. Scroll down for details.

Submit your TCL online admissions application by July 15!

Tuition Comparison

Be proud in choosing the smart next step.

There’s no guess work. Under the guidance of our  dedicated and caring faculty and staff, TCL University Scholars Program graduates are fully prepped and credit ready to make a seamless transfer to the four-year university of their choice, confident in their ability to SUCCEED. See what university transfer degrees are offered.


Why start your four-year degree here at home with us?

It’s simple, really: because TCL University Scholars are smart enough to know that when we stay, we GO.

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The University Transfer Degree Programs

More About Transferring & Articulation

The Process & Criteria

Applications are due by July 15, 2019.

To Apply

  1. Submit your TCL online admissions application (be sure to select one of the eight University Transfer Program options as your major) by July 15.
  2. Submit your completed University Scholars Affidavit by July 15.
  3. Complete these additional steps to enrollment.


Who is eligible to participate in the University Scholars program?

  •  Any NEW student eligible for college level courses, who applies by July 15 for the fall term and enrolls for 12 credits or more per term (fall and spring) in any of the eight university transfer programs is program eligible.
  • You must select a University Transfer”program on the TCL online admissions application.
  • There is no GPA requirement for entry to the TCL University Scholars Program. Students must be eligible for college level course work and enroll for 12 credits or more per term (fall and spring) in any of the eight university transfer programs.

Fall entry only:

  • The University Scholars program will accept applicants in the fall only.  The University Scholars program will be more aligned with traditional university enrollment periods. Students applying for the spring term can enter TCL then apply for the University Scholars Program by July 15 for the fall term.

University Scholars Scholarship

You could receive $1,000 per year for two years! Open to the first 20 registrants!

  • $500 for the fall semester and $500 for the spring semester for up to two years
  • The first 20 students to apply to the TCL University Scholars Program, complete the process and register are eligible for scholarship. Students already in the University Scholars Program will receive scholarship for up to two years as long as they maintain eligibility.
  • Student must have applied directly to the TCL University Scholars Program.
  • Student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits or more in college level course work per fall and spring term. Student taking other than college level course work are not eligible for TCL University Scholars Program or TCL University Scholars scholarship.
  • Once enrolled in the University Scholars Program, University Scholars scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Scholarship dollars can support tuition, fees, books. If these costs are met by federal and state aid, scholarship dollars may be refunded to the student.
  • Only NEW students applying for Fall 2019 entry into this program are eligible.







Office of Admissions


Beaufort Campus Building 2, Lobby M-Th: 8-5:30; F: 8-11:30 New River Campus: M-Th: 8-5:30; F: 8-11:30 Hampton Campus: M-Th: 8-5:30; F: 8-11:30

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