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Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant – ONLINE PROGRAM – The online Dental Assisting program is designed to take 390 hours to complete – typically 4 months full-time. The benefit to studying online with CareerStep is that you can set your own pace and take as long as 12 months to complete the course. You can sign up for the Dental Assistant program for one low price of $3,999. A voucher for an attempt at the certification exam is included. The Dental Assisting training program is broken into several bite-size modules that will teach you the skills you need to be effective in your career as a dental assistant. The training program covers: General dentistry, Head and neck anatomy, Extraoral and intraoral imaging, Principles and techniques of instrument processing, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, and more. The online program provides instructional videos, images, and quizzes to test your knowledge throughout the course and help you increase your retention. You also have simulations, allowing you to enhance your learning experience with “hands-on” practice. A professional externship is included with your learning experience giving you actual hands-on practice. Externships provide an enriching opportunity to network with professionals in the dental care field and complement your resume. This physical training consists of 120 hours at a local dental office and is conducted under the supervision of a dentist, dental technician, or dental assistant. You will observe and work chair-side with the dentist and staff. Click for REGISTRATION packet or SCHEDULE.