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What courses are offered when?

There are several ways to find out what courses are offered when:

  1. Visit the course search tool to see a list of Summer and Fall 2020 classes being offered.
  2. Download the Course Listing PDF (coming soon!).

Remember to use the course search tool for the most up-to-date listings. Always meet with your advisor to plan an appropriate course schedule before you register.

How It Works

The TCL Course Search Tool is the most accurate and up to the minute way to find the classes you need. It uses Self Service to connect to the TCL database. It can even show you how many seats are available in each class!

You will see this screen:

Course Search screenshot 1

STEP 1: Choose the subject you need or the course you need.

course seearch Screenshot 2

STEP 2: Use any of the filters on the left to customize or narrow your search.

Course search Screenshot 3

STEP 3: Select View Available Sections for the course that you are interested in.

Course Frequency List

At TCL, not every course is offered every semester.  This chart provides an idea of the frequency of offering for those courses not offered every semester.


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