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Academic Advising Council


The Academic Advising Council’s (AAC) mission is to enhance the advising process by setting guidelines and developing recommendations related to advising policies, procedures and practices.


  • Develop an advising mission and philosophy to articulate the institution’s commitment to the advising process.
  • Develop recommendations on advising structures, models and formats to ensure the effective implementation of the college’s mission and philosophy.
  • Develop advising policies, processes and procedures to ensure consistent advising experiences for students. (Ex – guidelines regarding expiration of prior courses, pre-requisites/over-rides, developmental courses from other colleges, advising notes, advising manual)
  • Assist with the development and implementation of professional development for advisors.
  • Develop recommendations regarding the evaluation of academic advising.
  • Develop recommendations and assist with recognition of excellence in advising.
  • Serve as a forum for the exchange of suggestions and information related to best practices in advising.
  • Provide input on technology solutions to support the advising process.

Composition, Selection of Members and Tenure

Membership will include 2 members from each Academic Division, 2 members from the Student Affairs Division, and 1 member from the Hampton campus.

Initial members will stagger their terms to serve either 1 year or two; thereafter, membership will be for 2 years.

Reporting Line

The Council reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

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