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Higher Education Bond Bill Helps Us All

May 04, 2015

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When it comes to building our local workforce, the rubber meets the road at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.


The state’s 16 Technical Colleges educate and train more than a quarter million South Carolinians each year, helping create the highly qualified workforce that has been so successful at attracting new business and industry to our great state.


But meeting this ever-increasing workforce demand — here and across the state — is a constant challenge.  TCL takes pride in being flexible and responsive, and the proposed bond bill will better secure our ability to do so.


As an open-enrollment institution designed to make a quality higher education accessible to all Lowcountry residents, we must constantly balance maintaining the latest technology while offering affordable tuition to our students.  The projects included in the bond bill have been carefully thought out and vetted and are desperately needed.


If passed, TCL will receive funding for necessary road improvements at our growing New River Campus, paving the way for future expansion. Funding for cutting-edge STEM, manufacturing and allied health technology is also being requested to ensure we can continue offering excellence as we meet local workforce demand in the health care, tourism and military sectors.


The bond bill is a wise business decision for South Carolina and for the Lowcountry.  It is an investment in more than just buildings. It is also a long-term investment in our people: the right facilities will enhance the employability of our residents.


A more educated, more highly skilled workforce is a win-win for the Lowcountry and our state. Pass the bond bill.


Richard J. Gough, Ed.D.

President, Technical College of the Lowcountry


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