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My TCL Story: ECCO program saves a lot, gives much more

May 25, 2016

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Carolyn Rennix, former ECCO student and 2016 Winthrop graduate, shares her story about what she saved and gained from TCL.


Carolyn graduating Winthrop
Carolyn graduating from Winthrop

One academic year, 31 credit hours, 138 days of classes, and $23,046. That’s the amount of time and money I saved through TCL’s Early College Credit Opportunities Program.


ECCO allows qualified high school students to receive college credit while still in high school.


As I left my hometown of Beaufort in 2013 to start my journey as a full-time college student at Winthrop University, I was confident that I would succeed. Because of ECCO, I already had experience working with professors, writing essays on a strict deadline, and studying for exams during finals week.


As the other college freshmen rushed to their first 8 a.m. psychology class and fumbled through their first stack of syllabi, I walked calmly down the sidewalks of the university, with my coursework tucked neatly in a folder in my book bag.


I was a step ahead and completely ready. TCL had prepared me for this.


During my junior and senior years at Beaufort High School, I spent most of my mornings and afternoons in TCL’s classrooms. With the help of my high school guidance counselor, parents and TCL ECCO Coordinator, I was able to knock out 31 credit hours – a whole year of courses –which transferred to my now alma mater, Winthrop University.


As an ECCO student, I completed courses in Spanish, Social Sciences, Mathematics, History, Writing and Computer Science, essentially completing all of my required college prerequisites.


In addition to saving money on tuition, room and board, and meal plans, my textbooks at TCL were also completely covered by the Beaufort County School District.


I received my high school diploma a week after getting my Certificate in Arts from TCL. These 31 hours of college work at TCL allowed me to graduate from Winthrop in just three years.


My advice? Be sure to ask your high school counselor about TCL’s ECCO program. It worked for me and can work for you. (Plus your parents will love you even more for saving them thousands.)





During the enrollment process for the ECCO Program, it was important that I stayed in touch with my high school guidance counselor. My high school schedule and TCL schedule had to be coordinated. In fact, there were even many times where I had to take an evening class at TCL to make it work.


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– Carolyn

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