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Palmetto Electric Coop donates $43,000+ to TCL

August 04, 2017

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What a win for TCL’s Criminal Justice Program and the community! A donation of $43,018.60 was given from Palmetto Electric Cooperative Operation Round Up funds for a virtual weapons training system. In addition, the system will be available to local law enforcement agencies for the continuing education and regular critical skills training of law enforcement officers. Thank you Palmetto Electric Cooperative

VirTra V‐100: Virtual Weapons Training System
The VirTra V‐100 virtual weapons training system is essential to TCL’s Pre‐Police Academy Certificates Program. The system safely develops and hones critical thinking and marksmanship in equal measure. Law enforcement officers must quickly assess a threat and decide on action. If an officer has made the
decision to pull his or her weapon and fire, they do so to end a danger. Officers train to pull their weapons only if they assess there to be serious danger to themselves, their partners, or the public. Firearms simulation systems such as the VirTra V‐100, simulate unexpected scenarios to safely challenge and develop critical thinking skills.

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