Arts & Humanities | Technical College of the LowCountry

Arts & Humanities

Certificate and degree options cover a variety of general education courses, allowing you to pursue further studies here or at other institutions.


Associate in Arts University Transfer Block: Associate in Arts

TCL's Associate in Arts Transfer Block is the perfect place to start your four-year college journey.

Arts, Humanities & Social Science University Transfer: Associate in Arts

Complete your first two years with TCL, and then transfer to continue your education.

Basic Art: Certificate

Turn your creative passion and artistic talent into an educational pursuit.

General Education & Business University Transfer Block: Associate in Arts

Start your degree in business here, and then transfer to the university of your choice.

General Education: Certificate

Cover all the basics with this certificate to prepare you for the degree in your future.

General Education: Math & English Core: Certificate

If English and math are your favorite, this program provides you with courses you’ll love.

Liberal Arts Core: Certificate

This certificate allows you to choose the electives you want for maximum program flexibility.