Building & Industrial Technologies | Technical College of the LowCountry

Building & Industrial Technologies

Get the hands-on training you need to land a great career in construction, maintenance, aviation, HVAC, and engineering.


Architectural Design Technician I: Certificate

Learn the basics of architectural design, build your current skills or prep for advanced learning.

Architectural Design Technician II: Certificate

Expand your skills and learn how to design 3D residential and light commercial buildings.

Aviation Maintenance: Certificate

This program helps you turn your field experience into industry-certified credentials.

Basic Construction Technology: Certificate

As a basic construction technician, you’ll get to put your brain and hands to work.

Basic Design Technician: Certificate

Computer-aided design (CAD) allows you to create virtually anything you can imagine.

Basic Industrial Systems Technology: Certificate

TCL’s Basic Industrial Systems Technology program gives you the right tools for the right job. Enroll today.

Civil Design Technician: Certificate

As a civil design technician, your skills in surveying and civil design will always be in demand.

Civil Engineering Management: Certificate

Get the hands-on training for a great job in civil engineering construction management.

Designing HVAC Systems: Certificate

Learn from the best to get started in a cool career for a more comfortable life.

Commercial Refrigeration: Certificate

Get on the path to a great HVAC career, and become a commercial refrigeration specialist.

Engineering Surveying: Certificate

Get the specific surveying skills you need for a spot on a survey crew.

Finishing Electrician: Certificate

Finishing electricians are in high demand at commercial and residential sites.

Foundations, Framing and Renovations: Certificate

Add the skills you need for a rewarding career in new and renovated construction.

General Technology: Associate of Applied Science

Combine your favorite subjects to create your own general technology degree.

Green Residential Construction Management: Certificate

Become an expert in green building, and get a career that pays today and tomorrow.

Heat Pump: Certificate

Learn how to service and install electric heat pumps, and get on a path to a great HVAC career.

Highway Engineering: Certificate

Learn more about engineering and constructing highways, and get on the path to a great career.

Indoor Environmental Quality: Certificate

Become an expert in Indoor Environmental Quality, and secure a great career today.

Industrial Electronics Technology – Avionics Pathway: Associate of Applied Science

Become an expert in aircraft and satellite electronics, and your career will be ready for takeoff.

Introduction to Engineering Design: Certificate

Get schooled in engineering design, and land a lucrative and exciting career.

Mechanical Design Technician: Certificate

Be an expert in the latest techniques of machine design and enjoy job security today and tomorrow.

Plumbing: Certificate

The demand for qualified plumbers is high; get the skills you need to fill the void.

Rough-In Electrician: Certificate

Be in demand at commercial and residential construction sites across the Lowcountry.

Solar Photovoltaic Technician: Certificate

Learn the latest in solar photovoltaic technology, and secure a bright career.

Solar Thermal Technician: Certificate

Learn how to tap into heat from the sun to create energy, for a career that will always be hot.