Computers & Electronics | Technical College of the LowCountry

Computers & Electronics

TCL’s computers and electronics programs give you the hands-on training to succeed in today’s digital world. Get to know the field from start to finish.


A+ Computer Servicing: Certificate

Learn the basics in computer repair, and open the door to endless career opportunities.

Basic Audio Video Production Technician: Certificate

Prepare for an exciting career in audio/video production with your creative and technical skills.

Computer Applications: Certificate

Equip yourself with a variety of computer skills to succeed in today’s business world.

Computer Technology: Associate in Applied Science

Get the high-tech, in-demand skills you need for a rewarding career just about anywhere.

Cyber Security: Certificate

Learn the skills to make sure your computers and networks are secure.

Database: Certificate

TCL will give you the computer skills to help businesses manage information overload.

Database / Reports for Electronic Health Records: Certificate

Become an entry-level database specialist in the growing electronic health records field.

Digital Home Technology Integration: Certificate

Become an asset by learning the ins and outs of digital home technology integration.

General Technology: Associate in Applied Science

Combine your favorite subjects to create your own general technology degree.

Help Desk Management: Certificate

Learn to handle computer and technical support issues for an in-demand career.

Industrial Electronics Technology – Biomedical Equipment Repair: Associate in Applied Science

Knowing how to install, maintain and repair medical equipment will open doors to a great career.

Industrial Electronics Technology – Avionics Pathway: Associate in Applied Science

Become an expert in aircraft and satellite electronics, and your career will be ready for takeoff.

Avionics Technician: Certificate

Avionic Technicians may find employment in the wide world of aviation maintenance, repair, manufacturing and installing new and upgraded aviation equipment.

Industrial Electronics Technology: Associate in Applied Science

Pursue a degree in industrial electronics, and get the high-tech skills to always be in demand.

Network Administrator: Certificate

Acquire the high-tech skills and expertise you need to get the career you want.

Network Engineer: Certificate

Add network engineering to your computer skills, and get on a path to a great career that pays.

Networking for Electronic Health Records: Certificate

Join skills in healthcare administration and computer networking for a great career.

Programming: Certificate

Prepare for the future today, and become an expert in computer programming and development.

Webmaster: Certificate

Become a webmaster, and get on the path to a rewarding, high-tech career.