Have you gotten your share?

S.C. Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) is available for eligible full-time students (12 or more credit hours) and eligible part-time students. Effective Fall 2021,  LTA will award $85 per credit hour for eligible students for up to 15 hours per semester. If you have not already submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you will need to do so before the Financial Aid office can determine your eligibility for South Carolina Lottery Tuition Assistance. All financial aid awards are subject to change. Always consult your financial aid advisor.

If you are eligible, Lottery Tuition Assistance is automatically applied. This award can only be used to pay tuition and mandatory fees.

Who is eligible? 

  1. File the FAFSA.
  2. Be a U.S. Citizen or a permanent resident that meets the definition of an eligible non-citizen under State residency statutes.
  3. Be a legal resident of South Carolina for the purpose of tuition at a SC Technical College.
  4. Be enrolled as a degree seeking student in a minimum of six credit hours for the semester and be making satisfactory academic progress.
  5. Not be a recipient of the HOPE, LIFE or Palmetto Fellows Scholarships.

TCL Tuition with SC Lottery Tuition Assistance*

Tuition (per 12-hr semester, service area)$2400$2,570Tuition & Fees (per 12-hr semester)
Capital Fee ($4 X 12 credit hrs)$60.00($1,020)Lottery Funding
Technology Fee ($4 X 12 credit hrs)$60.00
Registration Fee$50.00
TOTAL Tuition & Fees$2,570.00$1,550.00TOTAL Tuition & Fees with S.C. Lottery Tuition Assistance
* Tuition, Fees, and LTA are based on Fall 2021 rates. Example is based on full time enrollment of 12 credits. LTA is not limited to 12 credits per semester. All are subject to change. Additional fees and expenses, such as applicable course fees and cost of textbooks, still apply.

Students are eligible to receive LTA for one certificate, diploma or degree within a five-year period unless the additional certificate, diploma, or degree constitutes progress in the same field of study.