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Smart Registration


TCL now uses WebAdvisor’s Smart Registration, which allows you to register for courses based on the requirements for your selected major. Smart Registration helps prevent you from registering for a course that will not be paid for by Financial Aid.

Instructions to Smart Registration Online:

Smart Registration is accessed through WebAdvisor. If you have already set up your WebAdvisor account, proceed to the instructions below for Smart Registration. If you still need to set up your WebAdvisor account, click here to learn how.

  1. Log into WebAdvisor and select the “Students” Link
  2. Under the Heading “Academic Profile”, select “Program Evaluation”
  3. From the Program Evaluation page, choose your Active Program, then in the field labeled What work do you want to include?, select “All (includes planned), click Submit
  4. An Academic Evaluation will be displayed.  This will tell the system which courses are required to completed the selected program.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click OK (Hint- Printing a copy of the Academic Evaluation will help you in Step 7)
  5. Under the Heading “Registration”, click on “Register for Sections” and then choose “Smart Registration”
  6. On the Program Confirmation Page, confirm that the program shown is your program by selecting “Yes”  and then click Submit
  7. Select a Requirement, click Submit, then select a Sub Requirement, click Submit.  A list of courses to satisfy the requirement will appear –  courses that you have previously taken will NOT appear on this list – to select a previously taken course, Check the Box “Show Courses Already Taken.” (Note – if the requirement you selected does not have a Sub Requirement, you will be taken to the next screen)
  8. Choose one or more courses shown, select the desired term then click Submit
  9. Choose one section from the list of available sections of the course for which you would like to register, click Submit
  10. Find the section into which you want to register and select “Register” in the drop down box, click Submit
  11. View the registration results, click OK
  12. The Program confirmation screen will be displayed.  If you wish to register for additional courses, select “Yes” then Submit – then repeat steps 7 – 11

Note – Since Smart Registration limits you to registering only for courses in your major, if you are not in the correct major, you must change your major prior to registering. Contact your Advisor for assistance in changing your major. Students who wish to pay out-of-pocket for a course that is not included in their program of study should contact one of the following for assistance: Beaufort campus, Debby McClellan, Student Records Office, 843.525.8210; New River campus Student Services Office, 843.470.6002; Hampton campus, Joan Brown, 803.943.4262.



Contact Student Records at 843.525.8272 | 843.525.8272.

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