WebAdvisor | Technical College of the LowCountry


Use WebAdvisor to register for classes, check your financial aid status and have instant access to where you are in your program of study.

To set up your WebAdvisor account:

Go to the TCL home page at www.tcl.edu and click on the WebAdvisor fast link or go directly to webadvisor.tcl.edu. The first page gives you contact information and video demonstrations of how to perform certain tasks in WebAdvisor. After viewing this page, click on “Continue to WebAdvisor.” Then read the terms, click on “I agree to these terms and wish to continue to WebAdvisor.” You will be taken to the Welcome Page.
On the Welcome Page, click “Log In” and enter your User ID (your first and last name, all lowercase with no space between them) and your Password (your initial Password will be the last seven digits of your SSN). As soon as you log in, you will be advised that your Password has expired and that you must change it. Enter your User ID and the old Password (the last seven digits of your SSN) and then create a new Password that can be six to nine characters long, but must be a combination of numbers and letters.
From your personal Welcome Page you can proceed with the tasks you need to perform. If you encounter problems logging into WebAdvisor or you’ve forgotten your password, please contact the Help Desk at 843-525-8344 or via email at helpdesk@tcl.edu