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Tutoring – Writing/Reading and Math Labs

Tutoring services are offered through the Learning Resources Center and the Academic Success Assistance Program (ASAP). The Math and Writing/Reading Labs and tutors are located in Building 9 . The Math Lab and tutors are located in 9/101 and Writing/Reading in 9/127. Tutoring is also available in Rooms 208 and 111 at the New River campus. The Learning Resources Center at the New River campus and the main campus LRC (Building 12, Suite 200) offer additional tutoring resources. Please call 843-525-8221 to schedule a tutoring appointment, or click here for the tutoring schedules or to book an appointment online.


The Tutoring Center and Labs are equipped with computers, reference materials, selected college textbooks and other multimedia technology. Online tutoring for general education classes and other college curricula includes reading, writing, and basic math, as well as beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, computer skills, test taking skills and much, much more. Ask the tutoring center lab monitor or an LRC staff member for more information.


Tutoring Center Beaufort Campus

Writing/Reading Lab: Building 9/127
Telephone: 843.525.8221
 / Fax: 843-525-8346


Math Lab: Building 9/101

Telephone: 843-470-6051


Tutors Schedules


TCL tutors are available for campus-to-campus or campus-to-home tutoring sessions. Call 843-525-8221 to book an appointment.

OR connect with Smarthinking for live, on-line tutors. Access your Blackboard account, then click on the Smarthinking link.  Schedule an appointment, submit a question or essay at least 48 hours in advance, or contact an available subject-specific tutor.  Use Smarthinking’s academic resources free of charge. These free resources include a study manual and a writer’s handbook.


Other online writing assistance:

  1. Type up a WORD document and use this submission form: http://libguides.tcl.edu/paper

You will be notified when your document is received. Please plan ahead, since you must allow three business days for a tutor’s comments.


Schedule of Upcoming Workshops

semester hours:

Monday – Thursday

see Writing/Reading Lab for more information: http://libguides.tcl.edu/writing-readinglab

see Math Lab for more information: http://libguides.tcl.edu/mathlab

Friday: Closed

Workshops are held at various times and locations, Monday through Friday. Check-out the upcoming workshops and sign-up today!

The tutoring center and Academic Success Assistance Program computer labs in Building 9/127 and Building 9/101 are closed Fridays, between semesters, and during college breaks. Please visit the Learning Resources Center computer lab at New River, or main campus, Building 12, Suite 200.


For more information, please contact:

Yolanda Saunders-Polk

Academic Success Assistance Program Coordinator

Telephone: 843-470-5969

Email:  ysaunders-polk@tcl.edu


The Fresh Start program offers FREE one-on-one tutoring:

Fresh Start
MacLean Hall . Building 12 . Room 208

Monday through Thursday

For more information on the Fresh Start program, call:
843.322.5408 or 843.525.8229