Student Support Services (SSS) is a federal grant program housed at colleges and universities across the country and right here at TCL since 1992. The TRiO program empowers eligible students to excel academically and helps students overcome challenges in order to succeed on their way to earning an associate degree. 

Support Services Include:

  • Personalized academic advising to help you chart your academic path.
  • Tutoring and study skills development to enhance your learning experience.
  • Career exploration and job readiness support to prepare you for future success.
  • University transfer planning and assistance to help you seamlessly transition to a four-year institution if desired.
  • Personalized workshops and seminars to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Networking opportunities and a supportive community to foster your growth.
  • Financial literacy education and assistance to navigate the complexities of managing your finances.

Who qualifies?

Does one of these criteria describe you? If so, the next step would be to complete our application. Those details are in the next section.

1. First-time degree seeker

If you are working towards your first associate degree (or your first bachelor’s degree), we are here to provide the support you need. Please note that students who have already earned an associate or bachelor’s degree are not eligible for our program.

2. First-generation college student

If neither parent (or guardian) earned a bachelor’s degree, you qualify as a first-generation student. We understand the unique experiences and obstacles first-generation students face, and our program is tailored to meet your specific needs.

3. Low-income student

The federal government’s guidelines for low-income status determine this eligibility criterion. If you or your family meet the income requirements, we provide the resources and assistance necessary to help you succeed.

SSS Application – Apply now!

The application is now online to make it easy for you. Please click on the link below and take 10 minutes to fill it out.

New! SSS Emergency Stipend Application

The TRIO SSS Emergency Stipend is designed to help current TRIO SSS students experiencing financial distress due to unforeseen circumstances (Examples for funding may include: medical costs, educational costs, housing, assistance purchasing books, etc.)

Who is eligible?
  1. Active TRIO SSS students ONLY Must be enrolled full-time (9+units)
  2. Must be continuing TCL student
  3. Must be in good academic standing with TCL (GPA 2.0+)
  4. Must be in good academic standing with TRIO SSS
  5. Must have made all requirements: Attend one of each of the following ACES programs: (All SSS-sponsored events will require an online sign-in and a post-event evaluation/survey)
    1. Academic – attend (1) official tutoring session with a course professor or designated tutor;
    2. Career – attend (1) official career-oriented SSS-sponsored (or approved) event;
    3. Educational – participate in one (1) in-person or virtual college transfer session; OR attend one (1) financial literacy session;
    4. Social/Cultural – attend one (1) in-person or virtual social or cultural learning opportunity or presentation

Contact Us

Starr Hayes

Director, TRiO Student Support Services


Bldg 2, Rm 251