Be Advised, Be Empowered, Be Successful

Academic Advising Mission Statement

Academic advising at Technical College of the Lowcountry is a personal, professional relationship between students and their Navigator and Faculty Advisor that complements the educational goals of the college by working with and empowering students to obtain appropriate academic information, to develop educational, personal and career goals, to learn the skills needed for academic success, and to access the variety of resources and services available to them. 

The advising mission statement emphasizes four essentials of quality advising: 

  1. Advising is a partnership in which the student and the Navigator and Faculty Advisor have responsibilities. 
  2. Advising is a process to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their career aspirations and life goals. 
  3. Advising is at the heart of the teaching-learning interaction in which the primary goal is to empower the student to take responsibility for his or her decisions and actions in order to become more independent and self-directed.
  4. Advising will provide support to students as they navigate the educational system by building rapport with responsive listening skills, confidentiality, sensitivity and respect.

Academic Advising Manual

Academic Advising Checklist for Navigators

Academic Advising Checklist for Faculty Advisors