Student Appeals: A formal request for reconsideration of a college policy or procedure decision. In most cases, an appeal requires evidence of an extenuating circumstance.

Student Complaints: A written statement about dissatisfaction with an academic, discrimination or Title IX matter.

Extenuating Circumstance: An extenuating circumstance is an unforeseen, uncontrollable event such as a serious health condition, illness or injury; a traumatic event such as a natural disaster; divorce; sexual assault; criminal assault; a family emergency; employment changes such as military duty or orders; and mandated work schedule changes or involuntary lay-off/unemployment.

Issues that do not meet the definition of an extenuating circumstance include lack of transportation, roommate problems, incompatibility with faculty, difficult course load, dislike of a course or textbook concerns.

Student Appeals

Academic Appeals

Academic Misconduct

A student charged with Academic Misconduct can appeal the sanction by following the appeal process in the Student Code. See the Student Code – per the SBTCE (State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education).

Academic Suspension

A student on academic suspension can file an Academic Suspension appeal for review by the TCL Appeal Committee. Refer to the TCL Catalog/Student Handbook for instructions and deadlines about the appeal process and requirements for providing required documentation.

Financial Aid Appeals

Financial Aid Probation Ineligible

A student with a financial aid ineligible status can submit an appeal for review by the TCL Appeal Committee. To view the Financial Aid SAP Appeal policy, please

Student Discipline

A student placed on a disciplinary sanction for student misconduct may appeal the sanction and request a hearing by filing a written appeal within the timeline outlined in the SC Technical Colleges Student Code – SBTCE. 

Student Complaints

Academic Complaint

A student with a concern about a grade, the availability of textbooks, course content, the classroom environment or instructor should follow the Academic Complaint process in the TCL Student Handbook by submitting the Grievance Form to the academic dean responsible for the course.

Discrimination Complaint

A student with a complaint about alleged discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, marital status, veteran status, disability or pregnancy, submit the Grievance Form.

Title IX Complaint

A student with a complaint about any aspects of sexual violence, sex/gender harassment, sexual discrimination or sexual misconduct contact Rodney Adams by email to the Title IX Coordinator, or call 843.525.8219.

To submit a completed complaint form by U.S. mail:

The Technical College of Lowcountry
Attention: Rodney Adams
P.O. Box 1288
Beaufort, South Carolina 29901-1288